Acoustic Calculations And This Website 

 June 29, 2020

By  Ivan Koval

I have decided to build this website as a resource for anyone interested in acoustic calculations and soundproofing evaluation. There is lot of information about these subjects available on the Internet (as is about most subjects).  However, lot of the information is incomplete, misleading, inaccurate, wrong, or even fraudulent.  It is hard to tell the difference in causal browsing.


I give two examples of such incorrect soundproofing evaluation.  In a recent advice article in National Post, Mike Holmes, a highly respected renovation contractor and a journalist listed lot of myths and incomplete “advice” about soundproofing.  I have written another blog article dealing with this in a greater detail.

YouTube has many "how-to" videos with soundproofing advice.  Some are good, but most are not. Here is an example of bad advice:

The soundproofing evaluation in this video is complete nonsense.  The treatment described does not do anything to improve soundproofing. The Soundproofing Calculator website lists only resources that I have verified to be reasonably accurate, however I cannot be held responsible or liable for information in third party websites.

Soundproofing evaluation

Soundproofing Assemblies section contains mostly links to information on soundproofing evaluation by product manufacturers.  The stated test data is largely provided by reputable independent labs.  However, one still needs to take the information with a grain of salt, because it has been selected by the manufacturers to show their products in the best possible light (selection bias). Some websites provide access to the actual test reports from which they quote results.  This is especially useful for more detailed assembly performance evaluation in each sound frequency band.

Less technical information about soundproofing evaluation can be found in my other blog, notably in the article How much soundproofing do I need?

Acoustic calculations

The other sections on the website contain industry information and acoustic calculations based on well established mathematical models.

Although the information about soundproofing evaluation and acoustic calculations in the website is straightforward, the user still needs to have at least some basic knowledge of physics and acoustics to select the information that applies to his problem and to use it effectively.  Incorrect use of the information can lead to serious mistakes and errors.  If in doubt, ask for help or hire an acoustical engineer to do the work for you.

More general acoustic information is available in my other website The Soundproofing Expert.

As I say in almost every page of this website, this is an open-ended project.  I am sure there are other worthy acoustic references on the Internet.  If you know of some and would like me to include it in the website, please let me know.

Ivan Koval

The author is the publisher of the SoundproofingCalculator.com and Soundproofing.Expert websites. He is a soundproofing and building acoustics consultant working in Toronto and GTA, Ontario, Canada. Telephone (416) 471-2130

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